English news Constitutional reforms in Togo

Vizy takes the opposite side of the extra-parliamentary opposition

Publié le mardi 14 mai 2019, par Gabinho

While some think that these reforms are only a "new political horror", still others that the deputies who carried out these reforms acted like "a group of criminals", the French diplomat in station in Togo thinks for its part that the constitutional reforms voted on May 8 by the deputies of the 6th Togolese legislature is "a step further towards the strengthening of democracy".

Ambassador of France in Togo, Marc Vizy, sees the reforms go "in a good way". Also, he continued, "these reforms were advocated by the roadmap of ECOWAS and they are also part of the deepening of democracy and the rule of law with the constitutionalization of the ’abolition of the death penalty ".
Scrutinizing these reforms, the French diplomat is convinced that the Togolese opposition is now likely to win the presidential elections with a two-round vote, something made possible by the reforms introduced last week.

But before the presidential election next year, there is the local elections scheduled for June 30, 2019. Mr. Vizy invites the opposition to take an active part in this election.

"The idea now is that everyone participates in local elections and then in presidential elections. With a two-round ballot, it’s also a chance for the opposition to win, "said Marc Vizy. Because, he argues, "it is through participation in electoral processes that Togo will continue its democratic path. Participating in elections and going to vote is democracy and it is difficult to do otherwise.