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University of Accountancy and Management Studies, a shadow university in Togo ?

Publié le mercredi 13 octobre 2021, par Gabinho

In any case, everything leads to believe it insofar as this supposed university does not have a legal existence in the country of Faure Gnassingbé.
This is what Prof. Ihou Watéba, Minister of Higher Education and Research, to a Togolese citizen who asked him for more information. Indeed, in reaction to a letter from a citizen who would like to know about the legal existence of this university, the Minister indicated, "in response, I have the honor to inform you that there is, at Togo, no higher education institution called ’University of Accountancy and management studies’ ”. And to continue, "consequently, the diplomas issued by this establishment are null and void."
Here is what is clear. Caution, prudence and prudence therefore in the choice of higher education institutions so as not to be confronted subsequently with a problem of legal existence.