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UNIR in the footsteps of the Chinese Communist Party ?

Publié le samedi 15 mai 2021, par Gabinho

The regime in place, from the late Rally of the Togolese People (RPT) to the current ruling Union for the Republic (UNIR), wants to take inspiration from the Chinese Communist Party, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. At a symposium hosted by the two sides at UNIR party headquarters on Friday, "100 years of the Chinese Communist Party, a partnership with the UNIR party" was discussed.

A long opening speech by Chinese Ambassador to Togo Chao Weidong titled "One Hundred Years of the Chinese Communist Party : An Unusual History and Full of Glory" enabled him to retrace the entire history of China, from the underdeveloped country that it was before today becoming a world power under the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

The 17-page or 5,611-word written speech addressed the different periods of the history of the CCP namely the first (the revolution of new democracy), the second period (the revolution and socialist construction), the third period (the new period of reform and opening up and socialist modernization) and the 4th period (the new era of Chinese socialism).

In the economic field, China is implementing the new development concept for more qualitative growth, better benefiting the well-being of the population. The CPC is also working to strengthen its governance, modernizing its capacities to better match the expectations of the times.

From its first anniversary until the hundredth this year, the CCP has experienced truly tumultuous times, but the Chinese Ambassador reveals that the CCP has been based on a number of principles that have kept it on course until today. day.

"In response, Deng Xiaoping left a number of remarks that are so far often quoted, such as’ It doesn’t matter if a cat is white or black, it’s a good cat if it catches the mouse ’,’ We can move on. the river by trial and error "," We must act more and engage less in empty discourse "," Certain regions are favored in development with the aim of achieving common enrichment more quickly "", hammered Chao Weidong.

After the opening ceremony, the two sides had a closed session without microphones and cameras. The UNIR party therefore comes out well equipped to drain Togo towards development.

"We are witnessing the enormous progress that China has made in recent years on all fronts and take this opportunity to congratulate the Chinese Communist Party for all the efforts made since 1921 to give China its present greatness and to the Chinese people. At UNIR, we know that at all times we can count on and benefit from the experience of the CCP in many areas, ”UNIR Executive Secretary Aklesso Atcholé said.

The People’s Republic of China, which therefore does not base its relations with other countries on the basis of political principles, pledges its support to the regime in place.

"I am convinced that under his far-sighted and enlightened leadership, the UNIR party will lead the Togolese people to embark on a more radiant development path and thus realize the Dream of Togo," said Ambassador Chao Weidong.

UNIR which celebrated last April its 9 years of reign would it be on the bridge to also make 100 years in power like the CCP ? If so, do the math, how many years does he have left to do ...?