Infos Togo Empty chair policy at CNAP

UNIR furious against a "party associated with the discussions"

Publié le jeudi 1er juillet 2021, par Gabinho

It is through a declaration bearing the signature of the Executive Secretary, Aklesso Atcholi, that the ruling party UNIR (Union for the Republic ", informs of its feelings regarding the absenteeism observed on the part of a political party. associated with discussions within the CNAP (National Concertation of Political Actors) "and this propensity to carry the dialogue outside the dedicated frameworks".

Without however advancing a name, the party with the symbol of the azure blue pigeon in a white background, indicates that "in these circumstances where the conditions are created to allow the actors to contribute serenely to the consolidation of participatory democracy in our country, it is worrying to note that a political party associated with political discussions since the establishment of the CNAP has been opting for several weeks for an empty chair policy, the effects of which are unfortunately only too well known to our compatriots ”.

And to continue, “even more, the recent epistolary and media positions of this party are characterized by an absence of coherence which does not seem to bode well for the harmonious continuation of the consultations which were nevertheless well under way and seemed to allow the parties stakeholders to endorse beneficial advances ”.
Therefore, the party of Faure Gnassingbé says it takes "the measure of the responsibility of the member parties of the CNAP with regard to its objectives" and "appeals to the patriotic sense of all". in the remainder of this statement, it could be read, "Divergent positions may exist in a Republican framework of exchanges, without being a pretext for abandoning the discussions. On the contrary, they must constitute points of attention to be addressed by all the actors in order to find consensual solutions ".

For the love of the country and in the general interest, UNIR therefore expresses "the wish that the attendance observed until then at the sessions of the CNAP will prevail instead of this absenteeism observed on the part of a political party. and of this propensity to carry the dialogue outside the frameworks dedicated to this effect, in defiance of the operating rules adopted by all ", because," it is essential to make triumph our common capacity to transcend the differences to find us around the essential : Togo, its construction and its development ”.

Finally, Aklesso Atcholi and his co-supporters want to be confident "that the high sense of duty will guide all the participants in the CNAP in order to give substance to the vision of His Excellency Mr. Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé, President of the Republic, President of our great party, which has so rightly declared that "dialogue and consultation are our best allies" in the march of our country towards a harmonious, just and democratic society ".

As a reminder, since the end of last May, it is the party of Jean-Pierre Fabre, the ANC (National Alliance for Change), the opposition party, one of the member parties of the CNAP (a framework supposed to mature reflections for the organization of regional elections), who had denounced through a letter of referral made to the Minister of Territorial Administration, Payadowa Boukpessi, the current practices within this framework leading some to conclude that they were withdrawing. An intention of withdrawal that would come a few days later to rectify the National Secretary for Communication of the former main opposition party, Eric Dupuy).