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Togolese workers on strike for 48 hours on next 21 and 22 January

Publié le mercredi 16 janvier 2013, par

In a letter serving notice of strike to the Prime Minister of Togo by six unions of workers namely, the General Confederation of Executives Togo (CGCT), the Trade Union Confederation of Workers of Togo (CSTT), the General Union of Free Trade Unions (UGSL), the National Confederation of Workers of Togo (CNTT), the General Union Administration (SGA) and the National Union of Independent Trade Unions of Togo (UNSIT), workers launched a strike on next 21 and 48 January 22.

This notice of strike is motivated by the slowness of the process leading to the revision of the general status of public service. More, these unions say they have been betrayed once again by the government and the National Assembly to the extent that all the conditions were met for the passes to the adoption of the general status before entering the New Year 2013.

Three years, during which status should be passed and enforced in accordance with the timetable of implementation of the tripartite Memorandum of Understanding of 10 May 2006, is now almost 7 years. And nothing did. A situation which raises the widespread discontent among workers in public administration.
R.A, Lomé (Telegramme228)