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Togolese killed by police

Publié le jeudi 12 août 2021, par Gabinho

On the evening of Monday, August 9, 2021, a young Togolese involved in a domestic violence case was shot dead by a French police officer in the Loire.
The man with psychiatric problems was reportedly killed by police when he committed domestic violence on his wife, who also called 17 for help from a police crew.

According to reports of this tragedy, the husband was very agitated and threatening that evening. The 40-year-old man of Togolese origin had been released from hospital the day before. Worried, the woman first called on her son, born of a previous union, to help. Seeing that the situation was not improving, the two locked the man in the apartment, before calling for help. After entering the apartment, the police tried to parley, but the cries of the 40-year-old indicated a still high degree of agitation. The intervention took an even more serious turn when the madman grabbed a long knife and strode forward towards the officials. After his attempted stopper failed due to the malfunction of the electric pulse pistol, a police officer drew his service weapon and shot the assailant.

French Deputy Prosecutor André Merle attended the scene and said, “A single shot was fired at the man. The investigators interviewed the companion and her son on the same night ”.

The forensic scientists intervened on the scene and will have to examine the circumstances of the crew’s intervention.

Severin A.