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Togo officially committed to the “HeForShe” global solidarity campaign

Publié le samedi 24 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

High start for the HeForShe campaign, an initiative of UN Women and UNDP in Togo. For a month, these two UN structures will deploy actions as part of this global campaign of solidarity for gender equality that has emerged since 2014 on the initiative of UN Women.

This Friday in Lomé, this HeForShe Platform for Action was launched by the Minister of Social Action, Promotion of Women and Literacy, Adjovi Lonlongno Apedoh, wife Anakoma. Explanations given during this ceremony which brought together various actors working in the field of gender and gender equality, it will be a question during this aforementioned campaign period of sensitizing and supporting young people and men. in favor of decision-making by women and girls in households, families and communities. Thus, a multi-channel digital communication campaign will also be deployed to disseminate, disseminate and popularize the key messages and concepts of HeForShe, gender equality and the empowerment of women, and “Generation Equality”. In line with this campaign, it is expected to "involve my men and boys in the fight for gender equality and women’s rights, by encouraging them to take action against the inequalities encountered by women and men. men ”.

In her words to the audience during the launch, Minister Apedoh-Anakoma said that this campaign is "not only about women or girls but about respect for human rights." She sees it as an opportunity to "celebrate successes" in gender equality but also to work to overcome "remaining challenges".

The head of the portfolio for Social Action, the Promotion of Women and Literacy within the Tomégah-Dogbé government, took the opportunity to launch this campaign to launch a “call to spread the good news”. of gender equality ”in all spheres of society.
In line with the words of the member of the Togolese government, the Resident Representative of the UNDP, Aliou Mamadou Dia, assured more than one that, "it is time to act so that gender equality is a reality" . A conviction strongly shared by the diplomat is that "gender equality liberates not only women but also men".

Through a video message, the Head of the Togolese government demonstrated the Togolese executive’s commitment to this initiative, reviewing the various actions already carried out by Togo to demonstrate its support, including, among others, the trust placed in women within of the hemicycle (they are 19% of the number of deputies) and materialized by the election of one of them to the perch, her own appointment as head of government and other women ministers (they are according to Mme Tomégah-Dogbé, 35%), and also other appointments of women at the head of state institutions or structures.

As a reminder and according to a presentation made of this campaign, it is part of a global movement to which several heads of state and government have already joined, including Africans, Paul Kagame from Rwanda, Nana Akufo-Addo from Ghana and Arthur Peter Mutharika from Malawi.

It is therefore expected that the Togolese Head of State, Faure Gnassingbé, will join this list of those that UN Women and the UNDP call "Champions" by signing his commitment to "make gender equality and advancement of the rights of women and girls, an institutional priority ”.