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The young Togolese striker, Inoussa Mouazim, weaves his web in Belgium

Publié le mardi 10 août 2021, par Gabinho

He was one of the young players in the team of FIFA agent and Municipal Councilor of the Municipality of Gulf 5 (Aflao Gakli-Lomé), Kossi Azanlédji. Its name is Mouazim Inoussa. The young Togolese footballer who has landed in Belgium for a few years now, after going through a training center in Switzerland, is weaving his web. And this within different football clubs in his host country but also outside.

Champion with the U21s of KWK Westhoek in the ACCF (Flemish Side of Belgium) and winner of the Western Union Solidarity Football Cup Tournament, and of the African Tournament in this part of his host country, the young player of 22 years wants a professional striker. Indeed, passed by KWK Westhoek (the reserve of the D2 club), then by Roeslare (club playing in the first provincial), he is currently working on his weapons at Rus Givry, D2 ACCF club, where he has deposited his suitcases since last season. “I did a first year (with Rus Givry), but the Covid unfortunately stopped everything. I am starting the second season again. I had proposals from first and second division clubs in Cyprus, Greece, and other countries in Europe but together with the Manager, Raoul Meli Foukeng, we decided to stay in Belgium to scrutinize proposals coming from D1 B or even A ”, he comments when asked about his situation.

Indeed, the qualities of the young striker with the very effective right foot, from the height of his 1.85m for 81 kg, his speed, his playing technique, his dribbling, his precision in the passes, his good reading of the game, his rigor. in placements, intelligence, precision and vision in front of opposing goals are all assets that plead for him and do not leave indifferent clubs outside of Belgium, including the passage to the U17 of Inter Milan, and the ASD Troïna (Italian Serie D) who tried the blow, but the discussions were not materialized because of the conditions offered to the player. This is also evidenced by his 41 goals and 9 assists in 21 matches which helped his former club KWK Westhoek (U21) to climb to the roof of the championship of the category.

In any case, without skipping the stages, Inoussa Mouazim who opts for a controlled and assured progression, could well be an asset for the Togolese national selection U23, in view of the various future deadlines, and this, while waiting for the big bath in selection A why not as soon as this progression is confirmed with the experiences accumulated here and there.