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Togbui Zéwouto and his Disciples thrown in prison

Publié le lundi 8 mars 2021, par Gabinho

Since last week, questions have been raised about the purpose of the summons sent to Witch Doctor Wodedzou Kossi Edem alias "Togbui Zéwouto" and nine of his Disciples, by the SCRIC (Central Research and Investigation Service). Well, the wine is drawn this Friday. They are thrown in jail.

According to our colleagues from Gapola, "the Witch Doctor Wodedzou Kossi Edem alias" Togbui Zéwouto "and his Disciples deposited on Friday at the Lomé Civil Prison are accused of grouping criminals, deterioration and threats. Indeed, the Voodoo Priest used to post videos on social networks where he attacked imported religions with a barley point on the Christian religion. For "Togbui Zéwouto", animism is the only true religion and the Bible would be the misfortune of the African continent. According to Jehovah and Jesus never existed. And the only god according to him is "Togbui knowledge" or the human being himself. Lately, he has allowed himself to burn the Bible under the pretext that it is a dangerous book. "

This was the act which ultimately led Evangelist Dodzi Noumonvi to launch a spiritual challenge on Togbui Zéwouto which ultimately did not take place.