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The USET landed in Togolese parliament with his bag problems

Publié le jeudi 18 octobre 2012, par

The 2011-2012 academic year has been eventful in Togo because of certain claims of the faculty. To ensure that this new school year announced its colors since October 8, tipping into the same as the previous one, the leaders of the USET (Trade Union of Teachers Togo) met yesterday with the President of the National Assembly, Alhaji Abass Bonfoh. The purpose of their visit is to bring their concerns, including the issue premium at the parliament vote budgets.

According to the spokesman of the USET, their hope is that this academic year has subsided and that solutions will be found to their concerns. “To help smooth the reports in order to get concrete results would require all stakeholders are informed of our efforts", said the spokesman of the USET. "You know that it is the parliament which passes laws. We don’t want to be told that the budget has already been passed and that is why we cannot discuss. That’s why we came to tell the president to take an account the problems of the world teacher. Of course, discussions continue in government. And this is to allow the government to reassure parliament that it would support, when it will be the world teacher, "he reassured.

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