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The Tour of Togo loses its "parent"

Publié le mercredi 5 mai 2021, par Gabinho

Its name is Francis Ducreux (76 years old). According to information, the promoter of the Cycling Tour of Togo and the Tour of Faso died yesterday Saturday, May 1, 2021, in Ouagadougou, only three days after his return from France where he was there for treatment.
It is a loss that is strongly felt by the world of the little queen of the tracks and in particular that of Togo, since the man for several decades has already been the promoter of the Cycling Tour of Togo.
A great fan of cycling, Francis Ducreux will have left his mark on Africa (especially in the West and the Center) through his commitment to the promotion of this sport, which he practiced as a French professional cyclist.
Peace to his soul and the condolences of our editorial staff to the biological family of the deceased and to that of African cycling who has just lost a parent.