Infos Togo Municipality of Lakes 2 Aklakou

The Mono river comes out of its bed and damages Adamé

Publié le jeudi 9 septembre 2021, par Gabinho

The hour is serious in the Municipality of Lakes 2, Aklakou. For good reason, since last week, the Mono River has risen from its bed and entered houses and schools in the town of Adamé. This is only the direct consequence of the rains of the short rainy season which increased the water levels of the Mono. And it is desolation among the populations who have lost their property.

Faced with such a situation where sources indicate that actions are already being carried out by the ANPC (National Agency for Civil Protection).

First citizen of the Municipality, the Mayor of the Municipality of Lakes 2, Benoit Amavi Mensah, invited the populations living along the Mono River on his municipal territory to be vigilant, prudent. Also, he urged people to leave their places of residence in case of danger.

For information, the Municipality of Lakes 2 is populated by more than 50,000 souls, some of whom are part of the 20,000 villages bordering Mono. Populations made up overwhelmingly of farmers and fishermen.