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The Government asked to rush the implementation of social claims

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“Public Administration : a tool for development." Under this theme the 4th Constitutional Convention of SGAP (General Union of Public Administration) was held on October 25-26 2012. At the close of work on Friday, October 26, a new office of 11 people was established whose General Secretary is Essi Christine Ekpétsou. Recommendations were also made to the government, unions and all workers in Togo.

This opportunity allowed the new chief of SGAP to express her gratitude to her peers for the confidence placed in her and her office, but she emphasized that the task is immense, so that their cooperation will be appreciated. According to her, the needs and problems of Togolese workers have not been properly addressed, for example : the wage level is still very low. For this, she made it clear to the Togolese government, through the Ministry of Public Service ; it is high time that the leaders do their duty. She concluded her speech by reminding the audience that the task ahead for the new team is to make sure wage increases across all public sectors of employment.

Indeed, this conference follows two seminars workshops, first in March 2012 in Côte d’Ivoire and Togo in August 2012. If the first meeting laid the groundwork for the necessary unity of union action, the second has, in turn, laid the groundwork for new trade union coordination. Since it has been criticized in Togo, "some central trade unions, the thrill-seeking, have felt obliged to conduct isolated actions" on the status of the general public. But, the statement said, other plants are controlled mission to prevent a successful outcome of the claims. These are structures that’’ union’’ to appropriate 10% increase on wages made in February 2012. To answer these critics, the SGAP let them know that the issue of the status of the general public, his "vote is not an end in itself" because it is necessary "to identify all the edges to make requests "when one defends the cause of the workers.

First, regarding the status of the general public, the SGAP notes that not only fight for its adoption by the National Assembly, but also for its promulgation by the time the Head of State. Next t is the pay scale ; it is called on the government to compensate those who have been raising the age of starting to retire in April 2008 to the year 2013. Hence it must return to the law on cancellation of allowances retirement ; importantly, these allowances should no longer be the case of CRT (Togo Retirement Fund), but Public Finance.

Finally, the SGAP mainly invites all unions to get together before the 1st November, as they did in 2012. However, before he urged the government to a rapid implementation of the workers’ demands, making organize social elections in Public Administration for he said, "to complete the process."
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