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The Golfe 2 municipal council alongside the best students and the underprivileged

Publié le mercredi 6 octobre 2021, par Gabinho

In place to satisfy the needs of the population, the town hall of the municipality of Golfe 2 stands alongside the learners of its territory, with the aim of providing them with the didactic manuals necessary at the start of the school year which has been undermined by the health crisis. This Monday, October 4, the principal mayor of the Gulf 2 municipality, Dr James Amaglo, and his collaborators were at the public primary school of Attiégou in order to provide students enrolled in this school with school supplies, hand washing devices , liquid soaps, bibs and the Togolese flag as a symbol of unity making Togo the gold of humanity.

This trip by local authorities to this school site is part of a process of development of the education sector and was also the place for them to ensure that the resumption of classes was correct, that all the measures taken by the Government in terms of protection against Covid-19 are respected.

“We came to reward the best students of all classes from CP1 to CM2, then we left lots of notebooks, pens, rulers and others ... at the teachers’ level to help vulnerable children who encounter difficulties because than having no means. In addition, encourage teachers and learners to become more involved in order to be properly educated and to ensure that our country finds the harmony and commitment necessary for its development ”, specified the mayor of the municipality of Gulf 2 , Dr Amaglo.

During the ceremony, the Togolese flag was handed over to the school director and the neighborhood chief to symbolize union, commitment, these values ​​that can help to carry Togo’s gold torch high. humanity.

Other schools are also affected by this gesture by the Town Hall of Golfe 2.

"It is not Attiégou alone who is concerned. We will go to public primary schools, kindergartens in the territory of the Gulf 2 commune. We wanted to make the solemn launch in Attiégou, if not tomorrow the calendar continues, we and the other advisers will be distributed among all the schools so that ’’ by noon tomorrow at the latest, they will be visited and have the same rewards by awarding the best students, helping the vulnerable, giving back the hand-washing device, liquid soaps and bibs not to mention the tables benches that are not needed not important here compared to other establishments ”, confided the local elected official.

Despite the effort, there are still gaps to be filled, electrification, sanitation and drinking water problems. According to the chief executive of the commune, the school must be closed, the kindergarten improved, equipped, and certain classes rehabilitated. The challenges are enormous but the challenge is taken up small and with the involvement of the authority above, the means to meet this challenge at a more accelerated pace are guaranteed.

Moved by this gesture, Nogblévi Abla, director of EPP Attiégou A said he was "pleasantly touched and marked by this gesture that the municipality of Gulf 2 has made towards our learners on this site. On behalf of the learners, the parents of students, my colleagues, I say a big thank you, I wish them good health so that they continue the work they started in Attiégou. This donation came at the right time ”.
In the process, Kiliki François Mitterrand, one of the 30 best students selected, expressed his gratitude to the mayor and promised to honor the donors, with his result at the end of the school year.

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