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The Gnagnon solution : "an inclusive framework for consultation and monitoring between political and civil society actors"

Publié le mercredi 22 septembre 2021, par Gabinho

Without any real report on the more than 15 months of state of health emergency already suffered by Togolese, the National Assembly has just allocated 12 new months to the Government to use this exception, to manage the country. It is a largesse that is not without commentary or even criticism.
If some went there with appreciations of this new extension, it is not unanimous. To make the junction between these two poles, an intermediary voice. And it is that of the declared presidential candidate of 2020 and president of the "Togo Restoration Movement", Dr Jean-Emmanuel Gnagnon. In a post on his Facebook account, the political actor indicates that “Togo is experimenting for the first time with the establishment and management of a state of health emergency which has already been extended. on two occasions thus covering a period of 15 months during which individual freedoms, freedom of demonstrations, in particular are put on hold ”. If he is not against any extension whatsoever, he finds that “before requesting a further extension, the government should have assessed first together with political and civil society actors the first fifteen months of the period. ’State of health emergency, and make public, if applicable, the assessment report in a process of accountability to the populations ”. And as a good Togolese concerned about respect for human rights and democratic fundamentals, he fears that "in the current case of an extension of 12 new months, (...) the regime in place runs the risk of further losing natural habits of the rule of law ”.
In order not to get there, the former Communication Secretary of the FDR (Democratic Forces for the Republic) and current Deputy Mayor in the Municipality of Lakes 3, "invites the Togolese government to this end to initiate a consultation within a reasonable period of time. inclusive with political and civil society actors to reflect on the ways and means that should make it possible to meet together the challenges of respect for human rights and democracy during this new period of state of emergency ”.
Here is a proposal which reconciles the two parties and must call on the Togolese authorities to get back, despite everything, in the march of a co-management of the things of the Republic.