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The DMK called to order and sent back to the consultation table with the government and other political actors

Publié le mercredi 12 mai 2021, par Gabinho

By a joint declaration, the foreign representations (France, Germany, United States of America, the Delegation of the European Union and the Coordination of the United Nations System) in Togo, recognized under the name of G5, address the Dynamic Monsignor Kpodzro.
According to the terms of the statement, “the G5 wishes to make it known that during a meeting with the Dynamic Monsignor Kpodzro (DMK), on May 04, 2021, he urged the latter not to publish any more press releases attributing unverified statements to members of the G5 and encouraged it to participate in the consultation process organized by the Government ”.
And better still, the members of the G5 say they welcome the ongoing consultation process all the Togolese political forces to participate ”.