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The destination Togo ranked among the safest in the world by the United States

Publié le vendredi 11 juin 2021, par Gabinho

“After the United Kingdom a few weeks ago, it is the turn of the United States to rank Togo among the safest destinations in the world for its nationals and all travelers. The US State Department, which recently advised against most African destinations due to the coronavirus pandemic, has just published an updated exhaustive list of countries, depending on whether the trip is not recommended (level 4) , to be reconsidered (level 3), object of increased vigilance (level 2), or just in order to “take normal precautions” (level 1) ”, this is what informs a dispatch on the site of the Republic Togolaise, official site of the Togolese government.

Following this dispatch, it is indicated that "Togo is classified in this last category, that is to say that of countries at low risk of contamination with Covid-19, alongside only 10 other countries in the world, including 5 Africans : Eswatini, Ghana, Gambia, Malawi, Senegal. In fact, travelers from Uncle Sam’s Country to Togo will simply have to present a negative PCR test dating back less than 7 days and observe a 10-day home isolation period, as planned. "

We can recognize that this is a new satisfaction for Togo, which thus sees its policy of managing the health situation, validated once again. These good scores are also reflected in the figures, since for several weeks, the number of new cases of contamination has dropped drastically. Of 1348 active cases on May 10, the country has only 167 at the last count (June 07) ", it is said.