Infos Togo Increase in toll fees, introduction of taxes on motor vehicles, soaring product prices, cost of living ...

The decided solution of this Deputy Mayor

Publié le samedi 29 mai 2021, par Gabinho

Elected locally, he is not unaware of the contribution of these aforementioned decisions which only reinforce the base of the revenues of the municipalities. But Pastor Edoh Komi, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Golfe 2 does not hide his desolation about the high cost of living situation induced by these decisions cited above in this article. For him, the municipalities must live as much, but no question of suffocating taxpayers either.
“EXPENSIVE LIFE IN TOGO : As mayor, therefore elected local, I recognize that the fiscal and municipal taxes added to the increase in toll fees and the institution of taxes on motor vehicles have largely contributed to the vertiginous increase and soaring prices in all areas in TOGO. What solutions ? I recommend downgrading all levels of financial decision making and tight price control in the market. My town lives on taxes, but they do not stifle taxpayers. Both need to exist ... "is his reaction to the skyrocketing prices of basic necessities.