Infos Togo Prevention of violent extremism in the Entente area

The Committee of Experts initiates reflection in Lomé

Publié le mardi 18 mai 2021, par Gabinho

"Prevention of violent extremism in the Entente space : Dynamics of State ownership and perspectives", this is the main theme of the 6th session of the Committee of Security Experts of the Council of the Entente, which was open this Monday in Lomé. During three days, these experts from the member countries of this Council, around their president and the Executive Secretariat, will have to assess "the recommendations of previous meetings going in the direction of the implementation of strategies that can help to circumscribe the phenomenon" , and "to examine the needs posed by the related mechanisms", according to the president of the Committee of Experts, Colonel Yotroféi Massina, at the opening of the proceedings.

To justify the merits of the subject on the agenda of this session, advanced the Director General of the Togolese National Gendarmerie, "the countries of the Entente Space like the countries of the West African sub-region increasingly face a deterioration in the security situation in recent years ” ; "A very worrying situation, marked by new forms of threat, the rise of terrorism, violent extremism, organized cross-border crimes and threats of all kinds" and which "constitute major obstacles to national stability and regional, security and economic growth ”.

This meeting in Lomé, aimed "at initiating reflection on the effect of making recommendations to ensure synergy and coordination in the interventions of the Council of the Understanding and the Accra Initiative", the Executive Secretary of the Council of the Entente, Patrice Kwamé, invited the Experts “to consider the challenges related to the prevention of violent extremism that arise in the current security context, the responses and the perspectives to be submitted for the consideration of the Meeting. Annual of ministers as a prelude to the next Conference of Heads of State ”.

Following the Experts, the Ministers in charge of Security of the member states of the Council of the Entente will meet next Friday to discuss the recommendations to be made by the Committee.