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The collapse of two bridges and culverts complicates life for the populations

Publié le mardi 10 août 2021, par Gabinho

The rainy season is not all smiles for the populations of the villages of Lonmey, Halimé and Kpégodo in the Moyen-Mono prefecture.
For good reason, the last rains washed away two bridges (those of Lonmey and Halimé), and two culverts of Kpégodo. A situation which makes traffic difficult on the Tohoun-Kpégodo and Tado-Gbogbo sections which have become impassable.

During a field visit, the deputy Djossou Semodji and the Mayor of the Moyen-Mono 1 Commune and the Moyen-Mono executives made it possible to see first-hand the damage caused.

During this visit, it was discussed for populations in difficulty to submit their grievances with a view to re-establishing bridges. If the populations are invited in return and while waiting for this to be done, to be cautious in the crossing, the deputy Sémondji urged the local authorities to increase awareness so that their citizens are as well informed as possible about natural disasters and floods. .