Infos Togo Attempted secession in East Mono

The cantons of Badin and Kamina "proclaim" their attachment to the Republic of Benin

Publié le jeudi 16 septembre 2021, par Gabinho

In the prefecture of Est-Mono, more precisely in the cantons of Badin and Kamina, the angry populations are brooding over ideas of secession. They believe they are more Beninese than Togolese.

Indeed, these populations have been neglected for years. The amazing promises the RPT-UNIR regime made to them during the election campaigns have not been kept. These populations regret having overwhelmingly voted (sic) the UNIR party during the various elections (presidential, legislative and municipal), given that none of the promises made by the regime during the electoral campaigns have materialized in these localities.

Whether in Badin or Kamina township, nothing is going well. Road infrastructure is sorely lacking. No passable rural track. The two cantons in question do not have a leader. The decree appointing the chief canton of Kamina has been confiscated since 2010, we learn.

“No native of the zone has had the good fortune to be promoted to inspector, principal, ambassador, chief of staff or minister, yet the zone is full of talent. UNIR sacrificed our seat in parliament in the 2018 legislative elections for the benefit of a foreigner (Gerry Taama of NET) who has no anthropological connection with the people of this constituency. The requests for the development of rural tracks, the construction of bridges are unanswered, accentuating the total isolation of the area (during periods of flooding of rivers, streams and streams, periods during which there are a large number of deaths, especially women wanting to give life for lack of a practicable path that could lead to a health center) ”, we read in a declaration made by the populations of these cantons.

According to them, demands have been made for the construction of a high school in Kamina, but whatnot. These requests were not followed up.

"Thousands of tons of agricultural products leave the area each year, the rebates of which are never used to maintain rural roads or to encourage valiant farmers by equipping them with modern tools for agriculture (tractor). In the rainy season, the tracks are flooded, ”said the statement.

Feeling aggrieved and left behind, these populations have decided to change their homeland. They proclaim their attachment to the Republic of Benin. They are already hoisting the Beninese flag in their cantons.

“In view of all this, the population of the townships of Badin and Kamina decided on September 14, 2021 to solemnly proclaim our attachment to the Republic of Benin, a neighboring country where our populations most often turn not only to sell their harvest, but also to acquire basic necessities. We will very soon be taking steps with the Beninese authorities to take our concerns seriously, so that our populations can flourish, "the declaration said.

Hopefully, this is a gesture of resentment from a population and that they will return to better feelings.

Source : Icilome