Infos Togo Privatization of the BTCI

"The big clearance sale", according to Togoata Apédo-Amah

Publié le mardi 17 août 2021, par Gabinho

We have just learned with indignation that the Gnassingbé regime has sold at the beginning of August 2021 the Togolese Bank for Trade and Industry to foreign interests. Why this sell-off ? One more ! It became a habit. Since the advent of the military-fascist regime in 1967, more than 40 state-owned companies owned by the Togolese people have been liquidated through incompetence following bankruptcy or sold to foreign capitalist interests. Who remembers the OPAT, the Huilerie d’Alokoegbe, Togotex, the Hôtel de la Paix, the Togolese Phosphates Office which was sold and resold five or six times under various acronyms, the Féculerie de Ganavé ? ... The list is too long. Anyone can complete it to build the Togolese. Does this country still belong to us ? And are we, as individuals, sure that we still belong to ourselves ? Won’t a rogue foreign businessman one day grab us by the arm in the middle of the street to tell us that we are his property because he bought us from the state ? This anecdote is an example we use to draw the attention of citizens to the seriousness of things. Our country is not independent, as everyone knows, but it is becoming more and more dependent on international economic predation. This descent into hell is not inevitable. There is no determinism that condemns us to this slavery indignity. The high cost of living, the absence of an industrial fabric, the absence of an agricultural policy and a policy for the transformation of raw materials, push us into poverty and increased dependence. Because the usurpers who claim to rule us have no development project worthy of the name. They are handymen with no vision for this country. For the brave people, it is a daily hassle, while the politico-administrative minority that oppresses and exploits it gets more and more outrageously enriched. It is extremely rich and has several billionaires. The economic bankruptcy of Togo due to these pseudo-leaders without legitimacy must make Togolese still naive or opportunistic understand that as long as these individuals cling tooth and nail to power, this country will be deprived of a future. Three generations in sixty years have already been sacrificed ; the fourth awaits its turn with a completely blocked horizon. This is truly outrageous. While the kleptocracy plunders the country, the so-called political organizations that claim to be democratic opposition fight like irreconcilable enemies with hatred and cynicism, drooling in their lips, like fighting dogs, performing in place of the dictatorship the task of suppressing all political opposition. These individuals who claim to be part of the people while behaving like their enemies have done him enough harm. That’s enough ! While the national heritage is sold off, where are they ? What do they do between two or three insults, calumnies or witchy threats between them ? This is the big clearance sale and they don’t care ! It is because the democratic opposition has deliberately weakened itself that the Gnassingbé regime acts with impunity. Only the strength of the masses through formidable mobilization can drive them out of power. You can fail many times, but you can never give up the fight until victory is achieved. It is not possible to count all the goodwill, true patriots, who have called for responsibility, for an end to the war of the chiefs, for remobilization against the unhappy Rpt / Urine regime. Wasted effort. The struggle we are waging alongside the Togolese people is not only a struggle against dictatorship, it is also a struggle for the real conquest of independence, therefore of freedom and economic autonomy vis-à-vis. live abroad. The two are inseparable. Are shameful and Mafia economic interests a psychological and political blockage for certain leading teams of the democratic opposition ? This question deserves thought. As long as the democratic forces do not constitute a counter-power by their mobilization to our oppressors, impunity will continue to widen the avenue of looting, iniquity, economic crimes and repression with the backing of colonialist France. who pulls the strings of bondage.
In other times, the sell-off of the BTCI would have put the banking unions in the streets. Today many unions are weakened and quit because of opportunism, cowardice, corruption. Secondary school teachers are brutally beaten up and jailed in the legitimate exercise of their trade union rights and despite this injustice and degrading bullying, teachers continue to go to class normally while their own people are crying in prison for claiming rights for all. profession ! Shame, betrayal and cowardice ! These unworthy and complicit behaviors make abnormality the norm. This is extremely serious. Are we going to continue to be the amorphous accomplices of our torturers ? And our responsibility as citizens towards ourselves and the rising generation ?
Ayayi Togoata APEDO-AMAH