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Tension between law enforcement and rebellious populations in Mandouri, wounded recorded

Publié le mercredi 10 février 2021, par Gabinho

The descent into the street of the populations of the city of Mandouri (105 km east of the city of Dapaong) on ​​Tuesday, February 9, resulted in damage. Wounded after dispersal with tear gas, these populations denounced the state of the Borgou-Mandouri road. The state of this road is the result of unfinished asphalting work undertaken by the company EBOMAF which had come to withdraw its machinery in October 2020. And since that date, everything has remained without action and according to the demonstrators, this causes traffic accidents .

From Dapaong to Borgou, the road is paved ; and also what revolts these populations is that other localities like Naki East have electricity and drinking water, which is not the case. In their frustration, these populations of Mandouri, capital of the prefecture, went so far as to demand the resignation of the prefect, Mr. YOUA.

“We’re considered jerks here in Mandouri. If the state does not decide something in our favor this time around, everything will be fine because we are not going to give in to it anymore. We are too abandoned, disadvantaged and yet we were made promises in October 2020 that EBOMAF would come back, to keep our calm. So it was to deceive us and make the machines go ; drinking water and electricity are problems ... we are given it like a drop of water on our tongue and therefore we are not free to use it as we see fit. Really, it is time for our government to react to meet our needs. All the roads of the cantons of the prefecture are asphalted and electrified, but not the main town of Mandouri ; There is not a prefecture in Togo that is in the conditions we live in or if we are not Togolese, let us be told ".

The authorities tried to calm the situation ; an attempt which failed and the populations continued their demonstration which resulted in a direct disagreement with the police.
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