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Tandem Aboflan-Anoumou, the jackpot in the sights !

Publié le mercredi 5 mai 2021, par Gabinho

"Jackpot" is the theme of the "Lydia Ludic Talents" competition, launched by the company Lydia Ludic. To win such a competition, two young Togolese namely, journalism and communicator, Marc Aboflan and plastic artist, Serges Anoumou have decided to pool their energies want to win the jackpot.

As part of this competition, the painting, which is the work presented for this competition, by the two young people, is the expression of a canvas that "celebrates the value of work". In their description of this painting, they indicate that “thanks to work during youth, we can play assiduously at Lydia Ludic which offers a whole range of games for amateurs. While playing, you hit the jackpot which represents a lot of money. With these resources, we can realize our dream (the palace in the foreground) but also invest and thus enhance the land, put other people to work by valuing the land at home. In this way, in his old age, we can take advantage of our youthful labor and live a dream life with our family. The framing of the painting is usefully reminiscent of the collage of loincloths, a specialty of the artist who signs the painting, Serges Anoumou ". This is a painting titled "The Jackpot", which measures 50 cm / 50 cm, and is the result of the technique of "acrylic painting on canvas".

For information on this tandem, it should be noted that Serge Anoumou, “is a visual artist of Togolese nationality who lives and works in Lomé. His works are composed with materials such as loincloth, fabric, woolen thread, rope all mixed with glue ”while Marc Aboflan is a journalist and communicator based in Lomé who covers economic news, political and social policy of Togo and several countries of the West African sub-region.

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