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Stromayer re-specifies the thoughts of the G5

Publié le samedi 29 mai 2021, par Gabinho

On May 11, the Group of 5 Western Ambassadors (G5) in Togo (Germany, United States, France, United Nations System in Togo and European Union) released a press release that sparked reactions from stakeholders. Togolese politicians in particular those of the Dynamique Mgr Kpodzro, however the ambassador of the United States in Togo, Eric William Stromayer, comes through an exit to re-specify the thoughts of the G5.
Analyzing the reactions, Eric William Stromayer points out a misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the press release among those concerned and instead qualifies the G5 note as a simple proposal.

"I see that there has been a misunderstanding of the interpretation of the press release produced on May 11 by the G5. But we rightly appreciate the expression of various views on this subject. The statement was a simple update on the extent of the diplomatic input of the G5, "the ambassador said during a lunch with Togolese media on Wednesday.

To believe, Togolese policy is reserved only for Togolese but the proposals made by diplomats are only guides to accompany the protagonists on the road to democracy.

“Diplomats representing foreign states cannot play Togolese politics for the Togolese themselves. When called upon, ambassadors provide a framework for discussion and support political protagonists with proposals that they encourage everyone to use and develop. In the spirit of President Biden’s first 100 days speech in the White House, I can say that political actors always take some time to wait for consensus. But it is also through continuous dialogue that democracy is built, ”he said.

The American Diplomat also spoke of the role that the United States plays in democracy in Africa and especially the measures taken to make democracy in Togo solid.

"The United States has always been on the side of the Togolese people, and we will continue to support the defenders of democracy and public freedoms while always having respect for the Togolese," he said.