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Severe warning from Colonel Djibril Mohaman to fraudsters

Publié le lundi 27 septembre 2021, par Gabinho

The subject was raised yesterday Wednesday at the weekly press conference of the CNGR (National Coordination of Response Management) against Covid-19. And the national coordinator of response management, and central director of the health service of the armies of Togo, Col Djibril Mohaman did not fail to formulate a severe warning against anyone who would be tempted to indulge fraud in relation to vaccination records.
“We will watch over cases of fraud in this vaccination system. There is an idea circulating about fraudsters and those who will be identified will meet the rigors of the law, "said the Doctor.
In passing, he invited the populations to show more viogilance and to participate in the effort made by the government by denouncing the various cases of fraud that there could be.