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Road accident kills and injures up to Anie

Publié le samedi 24 avril 2021, par Gabinho

Black Thursday on the Nationale N ° 1. That’s what you can say. And for good reason, a road accident between a public transport bus and a long vehicle (Titan) left several dead and seriously injured.

According to our colleagues from the Afreepress Agency, this accident which occurred in Anié (about 187 km north of Lomé) on the national N ° 1, involved "a public transport bus which was in the direction of the town of Dapaong (600 km north of Lomé). This vehicle in its maneuvers grazed the side of a long vehicle carrying goods towards Lomé. What will make him derail. The bus struck everything in its path before ending its run at a house by the side of the road. The vehicle "Titan" meanwhile, overturned cutting the road in two preventing traffic on the National No. 1 ".

This source continues, indicating that there are "the deaths of three (3) people and several seriously injured".

And to assist the wounded and make the report, law enforcement and security forces were dispatched to the scene.


N.B : Photo Togodailynews