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Reinforced greenery for agroforestry parks and community forests

Publié le mercredi 21 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

The Savannah region and the Tandjouare prefecture in particular are full of plant species which allow local populations to obtain financial income ; among these plants, shea. The fruits of this plant are marketed and also after their processing are consumed nationally and internationally.
The endangered shea tree is protected and must be more protected in order to promote greater creation of financial resources for local populations. Hence the need to organize environmental restoration activities in order to provide raw materials to the brave women and men who are interested in the marketing and processing of the fruits of this plant.
As part of the implementation of the Project to support the economic development of vulnerable rural women and girls in the Savannah region, fruit of the partnership between the NGO RAFIA and the French Solidarity Association of Public Utility, AVSF ; This project is about contributing in a sustainable way to improving the living conditions of women and girls in certain women’s cooperatives by strengthening the institutions of women’s and girls’ groups as well as their technical capacities in terms of transformation. non-timber forest products and the placing on the national or even sub-regional market of quality local products. Specifically, this project aims to strengthen the economic and financial capacities of women through the development of income-generating activities ; strengthen women’s equitable access to factors of production and basic socioeconomic rights while strengthening the notion of gender equity (means of production, land ownership, education and health, etc.). The women and girls of the NATAAN-MAN cooperatives in Doukpélou and TINTAAN-KPAAB in Bagou in the Tandjouare 2 commune are these cooperatives that benefit from this project in this prefecture.
After awareness-raising activities on the concerted management of forest resources on Shea on July 07 and 08, these cooperatives planted 1000 shea plants on July 16, 2021 in the townships of Doukpélou and Bagou.
Three results are expected through the implementation of the project, the strengthening of production and financing capacities for the processing of non-timber forest products, the restoration of the forest cover by promoting the protection of shea.
The strengthening activities of these community forests were carried out under the supervision of the project manager, Ms. NAGUIBE Yvette Tchaguimobe with the assistance of the prefectural directorate of the environment of the prefecture of Tandjouare.
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