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Rehabilitation of Avenue Maman N’danida officially launched

Publié le jeudi 18 octobre 2012, par

Located on Avenue Maman N’danida between the Dove of Peace (colombe de la paix) and the lagoon at Amoutiévé, this section does not give a lot of nightmares as well as riparian users will be fully refurbished in eight months.

The launching ceremony was officially worked yesterday morning, the Prime Minister Séléagodji Ahoomey-Zunu. Are we going to the end of a nightmare for users of the segment commonly known lagoon Bè-Dove of Peace ? The answer to this question is yes, insofar as prayer issued by the Togolese people and especially those wearing the path that is in disrepair for more than a year, is being exalted. In fact, last Thursday, October 11, this section, for his rehabilitation, was officially handed over to the company "GER" by the Prime Minister, Séléagodji Ahoomey-Zunu in the presence of the Minister of Public Works, Ninsao Gnofame and other members of the government, during a ceremony to launch the work.

These rehabilitation and modernization of said channel will be executed at a cost of two billion five hundred million FCFA and must be completed within eight months, to stick to what the contracting parties. The section consists of three main components : This is Maman N’danida Avenue, the Avenue de France and ramp space furnished. It will be done with a modern architecture, according to reports.

Moreover, according to the Togolese authorities, this section will be refurbished as part of the comprehensive project of rehabilitation, strengthening and modernization of road infrastructure implemented in recent years by the government.

D.A, Lomé (Redaction Telegramme228)