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Prof Robert Dussey and Sergey Lavrov talk about space security

Publié le mardi 16 février 2021, par Gabinho

In St Petersburg (Russia) since Sunday February 14, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will pay an official 48-hour visit with the aim of strengthening the diplomatic ties existing between Togo and Russia since 1961.
This Monday, a meeting is scheduled between the Togolese diplomat and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov for exchanges, new bilateral perspectives or even the strengthening of political dialogue.
The signing of a visa waiver agreement for diplomatic passport holders, as well as a joint declaration on the UN resolution on space security is expected by the two states at the said meeting.
Relations between Togo and Russia are good and the work is still on point, according to Prof Robert Dussey a few days before his diplomatic mission.

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