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PITA wants to make order out of order

Publié le jeudi 11 février 2021, par Gabinho

The High Authority for Audiovisual and Communication frames the private media, it was yesterday Tuesday during the meeting held between the latter and heads of organizations on the deontological and ethical foundations of journalism. In recent times, the private media are facing arbitrary penalties while playing their role of whistleblower.
However, this role, according to HAAC officials, leads private media men to believe themselves to be Untouchables while making the Togolese press a place of disorder. With this, the HAAC undertakes to subject all members of the private media to respect for the rules of professional conduct and ethics. “We must recognize that our profession is bad, it is in crisis. Recess is over. Some journalists must stop seeing themselves as untouchables who have the right to trample on the rules of the trade with impunity, ”said Pitalounani Telou, president of the HAAC.
He added, "We are worried because we have seen that since the decriminalization of press offenses, there is a carelessness that has taken hold in the profession. We have seen that some journalists have become untouchables, political activists, who spread fake news or who simply make it up. No respect for the rules of professional conduct and ethics of our profession. Everything happens as if the journalist is above all the laws in this country. It is not normal that a certain category of journalists thinks they are allowed everything in this country ".
In the process, Pitalounani Telou reminded fellow journalists that the HAAC does not only have to protect press freedom. “You don’t have to come here all the time to tell us you’re not happy. We too are not happy with you because you are not doing your job. If you did, I think we wouldn’t be at that level. You can’t just think that the HAAC should only protect press freedom and leave the other side, ”he said. Everything suggests that the HAAC wants to dot the i’s in the Togolese press, which it finds wrong.
Severin A.