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Pastor Gaston Attitso elected president of FEMIT

Publié le lundi 19 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

FEMIT (Federation of Churches and Missions of Togo) has a new president. Former Secretary General of this federation, of which Pastor Edoh Komi is the founder and today Honorary President, Pastor Gaston Messan Attitso of the "Church of Pentecost City of Wonders", was brought to the head, at the end of of an election held during the elective General Assembly which brought together the members this Saturday, July 17, 2021 in Lomé.

In the wake of his election, in the presence of an official from the Direction des Cultes du Togo, and sister organizations bringing together men of God, the new president extended his hand to his other opponents for collegial work in order to make further more alive than ever this federation. He is sure of one thing, he says, "we know the inner workings of this federation and we will work to see how to make the federation evolve."

Revisiting his development program which he submitted to his peers, Pastor Gaston Attitso, spoke internally of the establishment of an "entrepreneurship program" because for him, "the pastor must no longer only to be on the flesh to preach but must have other activities which can provide him with money and fill certain holes that the finances of the church cannot satisfy ”. Other projects include the creation of a FEMIT Coopec, the setting up of pastoralists’ insurance and working on their retirement.

Under the new president, FEMIT does not only intend to close in on itself, but also to open up to other organizations, federations and pastoral associations. "We are going to collaborate in order to have a spokesperson at the government level, to work for the recognition of the churches, to do everything so that all the churches are open and officially and completely and in the respect of the anti-covid barrier measures", this are concerns that have a good place in the development program of the new president of FEMIT.

Represented by the former Acting Director of Worship, Lieutenant-Colonel Béléi, by the voice of his representative welcomed the choice made on the person of Pastor Gaston Attitso and reassured that the doors of his direction are open to the new manager of FEMIT. He was therefore delighted that this election marked "a victory for the whole federation. Since the interest of FEMIT has been placed first ". The representative of the Director of Worship then invited Pastor Attitso and his peers to "work for unity, cohesion .., and on behalf of all members."

Also occasion for the latter to call on the men of God to insist on "good information related to Covid-19", to serve as a relay for the government "in the dissemination of barrier measures against Covid-19", and " to sensitize their faithful to vaccination for collective immunity ”.

Once the election is over, the elected president, according to the officials of the electoral committee, has 10 days to set up an office of 9 to 15 members and communicate it to the General Assembly (in short, to the members).