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Over a thousand employees fired for insubordination

Publié le mercredi 22 septembre 2021, par Gabinho

The Amina Company fires over a thousand of its employees.
Dismissal at Amina Togo SARL, the management spoke of staff insubordination and dismissed many of its employees.

After having proceeded to a total cessation of work, the strikers who would have rendered no service to the company, no longer returned to work as the management would have liked. Disgusted, the company specializing in the manufacture of wicks is dismissing the strikers.

"We are informing you of our decision to dismiss you for the following reasons : refusal to perform your professional and contractual obligations since September 6, 2021 to date, insubordination (non-compliance with the memo ordering you to resume work on September 9, 2021 after 72 hours of work stoppage, ”it was specified.

Severin A.