Infos Togo Prevention of violent extremism in the area of ​​understanding / Council of Ministers

Outline of a synergy of action between the Council of the Entente and the Accra Initiative

Publié le lundi 24 mai 2021, par Gabinho

Meeting in Lomé this Friday following the Experts of the member countries, the 6th annual meeting of ministers in charge of security and borders of the Council of the Entente reached conclusions on the main theme "Prevention of violent extremism in the understanding space : Dynamics of appropriation by States and perspectives ”.

At the end of the work led by the President of the Council of Ministers, the Togolese Minister of Security and Civil Protection, Brigadier General Damehame Yark, six essential points emerged.

Of all these points, one of the most crucial is that indicating that "the ministers took note of the summary of the discussions of the panel on the intervention approaches of the Council of the Entente and the Accra Initiative and the synergies. possible in the interventions of the two organizations ”. It is therefore indicated that Yark Damehame and his peers from the Cosneil de l’Entente, “approved the findings that emerged from the discussions on the complementarity and the added value of the actions carried out by the Council of the Entente and the Initiative of Accra ”. Also, they are "congratulated on the approach of the Council of the Entente to initiate these exploratory discussions with the Accra Initiative".

In the same vein, the Council of Ministers therefore "recommended to the Executive Secretariat of the Council of the Entente to continue the dialogue with the Technical Secretariat of the Accra Initiative on the ways and means of establishing synergies, including by the establishment of a framework for exchanges and consultation ”.

Following the Experts, the ministers examined the level of ownership of the prevention of violent extremism by member states. The various responses of states to face the growing threat of violent extremism in the Agreement Area were outlined.

A positive thing noted by the Council of Ministers is "the inclusion of the prevention component in the policies and means of combating violent extremism". Finally, he welcomed the efforts made by governments to tackle the phenomenon.

Formal recommendation of the ministers of security and borders, to member states, is "the combination of preventive and repressive actions against violent extremism".

Another subject that caught the ministers’ attention was the adoption of the Integrated Management Program of Border and Transfrontier Spaces of the Council of the Entente (ProGIEFT-CE), a program part of the holistic approach to the fight against violent extremism taking into account several causes of the phenomenon. They promised to submit the Draft Convention on the Intelligence Understanding Mechanism (MER) and the Draft Community Directive on the prevention of Violent Extremism for the approval of the next Conference of Heads of State and Government.

And finally, do they remain concerned about the health crisis of VCovid-19.