Infos Togo Uprisings of October 05, 1990 then August 19, 2017

Ouro-Djikpa Tchatchikpi : "The next date, it will not be announced by anyone"

Publié le mardi 22 juin 2021, par Gabinho

In an interview published this Friday by our colleagues from Icilome, the former advisor to the president of the PNP (Pan-African Nationalist Party), Ouro-Djikpa Tchatchikpi regrets the situation facing the Togolese opposition. “The Togolese opposition is a victim of the subtlety of the bad faith of the regime in place and the nuisance of the regime in place. The difficulties she is experiencing come from the regime in place. Because when you ask the question of : everything that is happening at the level of the opposition, who benefits from the crime, and you manage to find the answer, you will quickly end up with the regime in place ruling us. The diet is the basis of this. So the message that must be sent to the leaders of political parties, civil society organizations, trade unions, all that constitutes the machine to be mobilized, is : Everything that unites us is stronger than what divides us. We need to be aware. All those in charge, all the actors must realize that Togo which brings us together is dearer than what divides us ", these are the words of this actor of the Togolese opposition who always believes in a chance to recover.

He is taking a stand against those who believe that the Togolese people need to be reorganized. “The Togolese people are the ones who do not need to be reorganized. He was fortunate enough to be awakened again as he had been in action since October 5, 1990. There were dates when the people got in motion. I am talking about 2005, 2012, 2017. These people are still there, but they are only waiting for the H hour (…) If we had failure in 2017-2018, it is not spring of the people, it is the responsibility of the leaders of the movement, of the leaders of political parties having taken the front to bring the people towards the promised land, it is those who sinned. It’s not the people. So the people are still there, at the crossroads, where the opposition left them. The Togolese people of the interior, like their extension at the level of the diaspora, are still there and wait for the hour ".

Better still, he still believes in a new uprising in Togo without giving a date. "October 5, 1990, I was there. I was finishing campus because I defended my thesis on October 1, 1990 at INSI (National School of Engineering) and four (04) days later, the country changed. That date didn’t come soon, it came abruptly. August 19, 2017, it was the same. I was in the PNP maneuver, but on that date she was not the first to be chosen to demonstrate ; there were dates, but this one came like that to everyone’s surprise. The next date, it will not be announced by anyone, whether angel or prophet, ”Mr. Tchatchikpi finally announced.