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OSV-MONDE sounds the alarm in favor of the orphans of Gati

Publié le mercredi 4 août 2021, par Gabinho

Life is not kind with the orphans of the village of Gati, a locality in the canton of Gbatopé located 15 kilometers east of the town of Tsévié, capital of the Zio prefecture. Exceeded by the dramatic situation that these orphans live and touched from the bottom of his heart, N’danou Edoh Kodjo, farmer of his state, founder and president of the association "Operation Save the Life of the World" (OSV-Monde) whose head office is established in Gati appeals to the minds of anyone who has decided to provide support to this vulnerable section of society in their village of residence.

It begins with assistance to certain children individually before setting up the informal in 2015 and later the formal, an association structure called "Operation Save the Life of the World" in short OSV-MONDE. This association, which is very involved in the field, will soon gain recognition for its quality work to obtain a receipt for the declaration of association issued by the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Territorial Development in 2021.

“My vision is to save the lives of these orphaned children who are in great pain. Because Gati is already a poor area where we lack everything and especially drinking water which is a rare commodity. And, more serious when parents are no longer alive to care for their children, life for these orphans becomes a nightmare, ”he says.

The man feels the situation somewhat expressed as a burden on his heart at the sight of these many village kids abandoned to all the vicissitudes of life. A situation which leads him to extend the field of action of his association beyond the limits of the village of Gati and the canton of Gbatopé. If originally, his small means allowed him to take care of a few orphans, today it is no longer a question with the association very truly overwhelmed by heavy burdens imposed by the mission that he and his relatives sharing the same vision have set themselves to help the sixty orphans of the age group of 3 to 10 years, almost all of them in school.
“Today the demand is very high. We have many orphans who live with foster families, but for whom we provide school fees, daily food, health care and clothing needs. It is very unfortunate to see poverty raised to a level that the original families of these orphans can do nothing except to find themselves in the clutches of death. We need all kinds of help, ”pleads N’Danou Edoh Kodjo.

While the elementary course portion is prioritized by the association, the fact remains that it provides partial assistance to 17 other orphans over the age of ten and enrolled in college and high school. “The load is so heavy that we cannot fully deal with those over the 10-year bracket. We can only temporarily assist them with school fees, supplies and some donations, as we do not yet have development partners on our side. But we are making a sacrifice on our own funds to achieve so many compassionate works through hard work, "continues the president of the OSV-MONDE association.

This means that the hard work made it possible to start this adventure 5 years ago, but who today needs good will to be able to show up to put a hand in the pocket, in order to save the lives of so many. orphan children living in extreme poverty. This appeal launched by Mr. Edoh Kodjo invites you to be counted among the goodwill of their golden book, so that history will remember your long-awaited gesture of charity.

"We really need the help of all of you who hear from us or hear from us. A gesture, a donation that you make will allow an orphan to live on a daily basis, to allow him to go to school, to dress himself and above all to also have a smile like other children in the world. Don’t close your heart. Take a tour of Gati to realize the reality. Life has not given us a gift. Remember us in your programming and God in return will always and always remember you, ”he concludes.

So, do not hesitate to open your heart to orphans to be counted among the donors or resource persons of OSV-MONDE, by contacting the association at the following address :
BP 180 - Tsévié, Togo
Phone. : + 228 91 50 90 14/98 01 87 79/98 86 47 28
Email : [email protected]
Website : www.

NB : In pictures (1 and 3), the children assisted by the association OSV Monde, and the founding president, N’danou Edoh Kodjo (ball in hand, picture 2)