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"Nonvi-Sympas" donates a study room to the "God is Great" orphanage in Amoussoukopé

Publié le samedi 29 mai 2021, par Gabinho

The African, better still, Togolese diaspora in Europe do not forget their native land. It is obvious that the Nonvi-Sympas association reiterated on April 28 in Amoussoukopé. And this by offering the orphanage of the "God is Great" Center of this locality, and its residents, a study room.

In the words of the president of this association, most of whose members are in France, Claude Agban, by taking such an act, Nonvi-Sympas has only "assumed its responsibility, since one of its objectives is to help populations who are in need, to bring something to countries from which we come such as Togo, Benin and other African countries ”.

In their visions, they indicated that the mobilization of members through their voluntary contribution and that of donors for the realization of the project aims to see these "children who did not ask to come into the world but who find themselves today" hui orphans of father or mother or sometimes both "have" a better framework to study in good conditions ", given that" today to succeed in your studies, you must have electricity, good conditions of study ".

If we can say that the maintenance of this study room so that it benefits the beneficiaries is much more incumbent on those responsible for this center and the use they make of it, however, the association and its managers say to themselves always ready, to be at their side to fulfill the basic requirements, namely, "to have the light in the room all the time, to ensure that the fan is working properly".

They do not intend to stop at this first act, since Mr. Agban has set out a second phase of this project which "will consist in providing computer equipment in the room (computers) so that the children can learn about computing ".