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Nadou is back on, houha !

Publié le mercredi 26 mai 2021, par Gabinho

"Health gag, realities and new challenges of trade unionism in Togo", this was the theme of a General Assembly of the STT (Synergie des Travailleurs du Togo) which saw the National Coordinator, Nadou Lawson-Oloukounlé, be re-elected for a second four-year term.

She takes the helm of an office of 9 members and has placed this new mandate, granted to her, granted by her peers, under the seal of "new challenges for trade unionism in Togo". Thus, together with her office, she will have to continue defending the interests of Togolese workers, and take up the challenge of mobilizing financial resources, which is threatening the life of the organization. This is how she expressed her regret when looking back over the past four years : “Otherwise, the comrades weren’t behind us anymore. And from day to day the work is not easy because the comrades do not contribute ".

However, referring to the four new years ahead of her, Nadou Lawson-Oloukounlé, said, “we had a project, in particular the continuation of negotiations for the benefit of civil servants. We will continue in the same dynamic during his new mandate of 5 years ”.