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Miss Mariella Kampatibe appointed to head the new CCNE executive

Publié le mardi 22 juin 2021, par Gabinho

At the end of a ceremony presided over this Saturday, June 19, 2021 in Lomé by the Minister of Social Action, the Promotion of Women and Literacy, Ms. Adjovi Lonlongno Apédo, the executive office of CCNE was installed ( National Advisory Council for Children). It was a ceremony which follows a three-day workshop which brought together in the Togolese capital young children from different regions of Togo and at the end of which, Miss Mariella Tengale Kampatibe was elected by her peers to chair for the destinies of this Council.

And this installation ceremony was an opportunity for the authorities present and who had spared no effort to make this installation of the national executive board a reality, to take the floor to, among other things, provide useful advice to the members of this office but also to the young children of Togo who aspire to become the leaders of tomorrow.

First Minister Adjovi Lonlongno Apédo. If she said she saw in this installation of the national executive office the realization of the aspirations of each other for a successful outcome of this process, she indicated that she did not doubt for a single moment that, all elected officials, by accepting being a member of this office, measure the responsibility and trust placed in them by their peers. Also, she noted that after this installation, major challenges remain. It is with this in mind to work together with these young people to meet these challenges that the holder of the portfolio of Social Action, Protection of Women and Literacy, invited partners including Plan International Togo and the ’UNFPA "to contribute to the proper functioning of this office". Finally, she reassured government support.

In the same dynamic as the member of the Togolese government, the Resident Representative of Plan International Togo, president of this ceremony, invited the members of the executive of this National Consultative Council of the Children of Togo, to realize what during their two years in office (2021-2023), millions of Togolese children are counting on them. She then saw in this opportunity offered to them, an opportunity to "learn to lead", while continuing "school with all the seriousness necessary". The office is invited to cultivate excellence and serve as an example to Togolese children to give them the opportunity to flourish "through it.

President of this CCNE executive office, Miss Kampatibe, is in tune with the authorities : "We are committed to fighting for the promotion of children’s rights, to working with all structures to allow all children in Togo to enjoy their rights, ”she promised. And she clearly understands the scale of the task that awaits them, since she is confident that "Several challenges to be taken up for the development of children in Togo await us. With the support of my friends, within the CCNE, we will put all the means at our disposal to meet them. This will of course be in concert with our partners and the Togolese State to whom we are already saying thank you for the support they will have to give us ".

Interim Coordinator of the Civil Society Strengthening Project for the Governance of Children’s Rights in Togo, Ms. Adjoa Alaka, placed the context of this CCNE installation in the project for which she coordinates. And as an explanation provided by the latter, "as part of the project to strengthen civil society for the governance of children’s rights in Togo, one of the results is to allow children’s and youth organizations to have the capacities needed to participate in the nation’s development with an emphasis on how to ensure that the government can consider children’s rights issues at the planning level. CCNE’s main mission is to support their peers at all levels to participate in the various decision-making bodies in the context of decentralization in Togo. This is to ensure that children are able to collaborate with community leaders, municipalities to highlight concerns that are related to children’s learning, education and development. The children themselves will talk about their problems and will ensure that those in charge bring them up to the level of planning with budgets which can accompany them for their own development and protection ”.

For information, this CCNE installation is in line with the commemoration of the Day of the African Child, observed on June 16 of each year.