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Kokoroko suspends establishment of schools for two years

Publié le jeudi 16 septembre 2021, par Gabinho

Prof Dodzi Komla Kokoroko remains at the front. In a new press release, the Minister of Primary, Secondary, Technical and Handicrafts Education said he had noted that in recent years, "an upsurge in requests for the creation of new schools or the transformation of schools of local initiative into schools". public ”. He therefore takes the opportunity to remind "the educational community that the creation of a school in a locality takes into account the standards set by the school map which makes it possible to organize the school network in the best possible way through the planning of educational offer and rationalization of available resources ”.

"Pending the updating of the norms and standards of the school map and in order to guarantee the best teaching / learning conditions and to support the free policy, the Ministry of Primary, Secondary, Technical and Craftsmanship temporarily suspends any request for transformation or creation of a school for a period of two years, from this start of the 2021-2022 school year ”, he writes, inviting all“ scrupulous respect for this measure ”.