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Kaboua accuses the ANC of closing the door on the return of Bishop Kpodzro, Agbéyomé, Tikpi and Boko

Publié le lundi 27 septembre 2021, par Gabinho

Abass Kaboua has not finished his war against Jean-Pierre Fabre’s ANC. In a new response to that of the former leader of the opposition, the deputy and president of the MRC (Mouvement Républicains Centristes) asks himself questions and makes deductions on the meeting between Jean-Pierre Fabre and Payadowa Boukpessi, Minister of Territorial Administration, as revealed by the first.

In a conditional, Abass Kaboua believes that if this secret meeting took place, it only brings to light the "real" face of the supporters of the ANC.

“The ANC has just demonstrated once again that it has always negotiated from a position of extreme weakness. Which sufficiently shows the inconsistency and inconsistency of these people. We can say today without trembling that the ANC apart, carries the demands for their own interests ”, analyzes Mr. Kaboua who continues that it is clear that the Union for the Republic (UNIR), the party in power , and the ANC, opposition party, are in cronyism. A cronyism that magnified Mr. Kaboua’s regrets for making the company of the ANC and its officials at one point.

He accuses in passing the ANC and its officials of having been within the CNAP at the base of the failure of the subject on the appeasement of the political climate. And for him, they are against the appeasement of the political climate, for fear of seeing Togolese like Mgr Kpodzro, Agbéyomé Kodjo, Tikpi Atchadam, François Akila-Boko etc. return to the country. "They slammed the door because they suddenly realized that the presence of these would drastically reduce their chances of winning the maximum number of seats in the regional elections," he said.