Infos Togo Breast cancer and death rate

It sucks for the next 5 years

Publié le mercredi 17 février 2021, par Gabinho

According to official figures, in 2020, 850 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Togo. And unfortunately of this number nearly 70% gave up their lives there. This even though forecasts show 2000 cases per year for the next 5 years.
These are cold predictions but pose the problem of screening which could help prevent the worst.
In the words of the president of the Togolese League against cancer, Stéphane Doméfa Awuity, who confided in our colleagues from Republicoftogo, prevention must be the leitmotif against this disease, since rapid screening helps to follow an effective treatment. In the process, he asked the Ministry of Health for the provision of health centers both in Lomé and in the interior of the country, with adequate equipment.
This is a well-founded question when we know that the country has so far only one center specializing in chemotherapy.