Infos Togo Gulf 1 / Mayor’s Office and General Secretariat

It’s moving !

Publié le mercredi 12 mai 2021, par Gabinho

This is information that the Town Hall of the Municipality of Bè Afédomé (Gulf 1) brings to the attention of users and citizens. According to the terms of the information note of this Town Hall headed by Koamy Gomado, "it is brought to the attention of the population of the Municipality of Gulf 1 that for organizational reasons, the Mayor’s Office as well as the General Secretariat are transferred. towards the annex building of the Bè-Afédomé Town Hall located behind the headquarters of the ECOBANK Foundation (ETI) on rue Kabou (Villa Adjaratou).

Users are therefore invited to go to this place to obtain the services of the Town Hall.

However, this partial move does not put an end to the services in the former local of the Town Hall. This is the assurance given by the Municipal Council, which indicates, "we reassure you that the civil status services, legalization, the Revenue Authority (Caisse) and the Department of Social Affairs are always available at the Town Hall of Bè-Afédomé ”.