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INSP ! R-Togo and partners in the balance sheet, want to see clearly !

Publié le mardi 13 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

"Togo at the heart of social protection initiatives for social inclusion and the well - being of all citizens" is the general theme of a seminar of INSP ! R-Togo (International Network for Social Protection Rights of Togo), which brought together for two days (08 and 09 July 2021) in Lomé the first officials, focal points of member organizations, representatives of INAM and the Ministry of Grassroots Development, Youth and Youth Employment.

Strengths of this work which made it possible to draw up "an assessment of the implementation of social protection policies" in particular "the social protection floors, universal health insurance, social security ; challenges and perspectives ”in Togo, these are the two great communications that furnished the discussions. This is the communication on “the assessment of the implementation of social protection policies” through “policy and strategy documents developed and implemented”, “health insurance initiatives, plinths and social safety nets put in place ”and“ the results achieved ; The issues, challenges and perspectives ”and then that on“ The CNSS : Issues, challenges and perspectives ”which saw the seminarians focus on“ The CNSS and its services ”,“ the importance and the need to register at the CNSS ”and finally,“ innovations and developments over the past three years ”.

Referring to these innovations at the end of the work, the now Focal Point INSP ! R-Togo (Formerly, National Multi-Actor Social Protection Network), Niwa Soulima, acknowledged that "the government, whether in the PND (National Development Plan 2018) - 2022) as in the 2020-2025 government roadmap, there are several social protection initiatives ", before continuing," the network wanted to learn about what has been put in these social protection initiatives but also know what the State has been able to do until today, and the orientations that the State is giving itself for the years to come so that we can also develop our actions taking into account what the government has planned ".

Among other initiatives, he cited “health insurance managed by the INAM, social security managed by the CNSS and the Pension Fund, social safety nets, initiatives for free coverage of certain diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, and others, FNFI, Novissi, school canteens ”as“ social protection initiatives in Togo which are being carried out ”and which were covered during the two days of work, financially supported by WSM (We Social Movement) from Belgium. This, with the aim of "realizing what is being done". However, note and regret Niwa Soulima and the participants in this seminar, "it is that these initiatives are carried out here and there by different actors and the coordination is really difficult to perceive. It is therefore a problem that the State must have to solve so that we actors of the civil society know who does what and to whom to turn for our actions of advocacy in favor of the beneficiaries so that they can be satisfied ".

One of the main recommendations of this foundation is, according to the focal point, "that the initiatives can be sufficiently coordinated so that we can be sure that they are part of the single vision that the government gives to the initiatives of social protection and that we can involve social movements so that we can make our contributions and bear the real needs of our beneficiaries which must be integrated into what is being done ”.