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Ihou Watéba is no longer the dean of the FSS-UL

Publié le mercredi 2 juin 2021, par Gabinho

A specialist professor in infectious disease, the only one for the moment in Togo, Majesty Ihou Watéba is no longer the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Lomé (FSS-UL). Often the object of criticism from all sides for multiple functions, he shed light on his responsibilities in the management of public affairs on Monday.

Minister of Higher Education and Research, responsible for care at CHR Lomé-Commune, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Lomé (FSS-UL) are the three positions that Togolese know as being managed by Professor Majesty Ihou Watéba.

Here is Professor Ihou Watéba’s update on Kanal FM this Monday in Club de la Presse

“Since January, I am no longer the dean of the faculty of health sciences, but I am a former dean and now honorary dean. In the texts, it is the 1st vice-dean who ends the term of the dean in office, if he is called to other functions. This is what applied and it is Professor DOUTI who currently heads the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Compared to the CHR Lomé-Commune, I will be the happiest Doctor if today we can find a replacement to manage the care in this center. You cannot envy a soldier who goes to war. CHR Lomé-Commune is covid19, and I remember when we started this mission, our parents were crying and wondering if it was us. At the time I didn’t even think we would be envied or tried to be in our place.

Nowadays or the days when are more or less mastered, if not in Kégué, it is infectious diseases that we are treating. I am a Professor of Infectious Disease and I happen to be the only one and the team is mainly infectious disease. So, it is my assistants and my students who are there, I cannot be withdrawn.

We are not paid for the work we do in Kégué. I consider it compulsory national service, just like what the media is doing in this health crisis. Any doctor in Togo who is interested in covid19 is compulsory national service. And so we perceive our presence at CHR Lomé Commune as a state service and we must do it well. No one therefore receives a salary.

Ultimately what remains is my function as Minister of Higher Education and Research. And it does not stack. Anyway, I am a teacher and I have my discipline, I am also a doctor I continue to give to the hospital, I continue to provide care. I continue to teach and supervise the teams at Kégué level ”.