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He desecrates the graves, he gets burned alive

Publié le vendredi 18 juin 2021, par Gabinho

There are acts that fall under popular vindictiveness and which people easily indulge in in Togo, especially when their loved one is harmed, even the remains of their loved ones who are no longer of this world.

Objects for several years already of desecration of graves in their cemeteries, the populations of Wogba in the Municipality of Vo 1 did not hesitate to beat up and burn alive the sieur Atsou, originally from Gleve, caught in the act of desecrating a grave. .

Information reported by our colleagues from Atlanticinfos, member of the press group Global Atlantic Telegramme, a group of which Telegramme228 is also a member, the man who was surprised in action is known to be a master in the art of opening tombs, collect more or less fresh human organs after burials in order to sell them to receivers. And so it was on his umpteenth blow and this time with three other accomplices including a woman, that the alleged profaner was caught, while his alleged accomplices managed to flee.

Always, reports the confrere, “despite his incantatory words, he was overpowered. These accomplices were able to escape. They were lucky. All spoke incantatory words. This has not been easy ".

Regrettable in any case to have gone to the extreme, that of burning alive an individual, presumed guilty of a crime.