Infos Togo Pegasus / Spying on hungry Togolese with millions or even billions of CFA francs by Faure Gnassingbé

Habia and The Democrats are appalled

Publié le jeudi 29 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

It is a subject that does not leave indifferent any Togolese in love with peace and freedom and the translation into reality, of democracy and the rule of law on the strip of 56,600 km2 on which the country called Togo is built. .

By a document signed by its national president, the Political Party Democrats is dismayed by such an option taken by the Togolese rulers even though populations are dying of hunger.

"The Democrats Political Party learns with dismay how the Togolese head of state Faure Gnassingbé, on behalf of any security of Togolese political figures and his own, buys 13 million on the Pegasus software each Togolese spied on. And at the time of publishing this Communiqué, there are more than 300 Togolese citizens targeted around Dr. Gabriel Messan Agbéyomé Kodjo, Tchikpi Atchadam, David Ekoué Dosseh, Raymond Houndjo, Elliott Ohin including journalists and other leaders of the democratic opposition according to RFI ”, one could read in the introduction of the party press release.

Also, continues the document, “not only is the Political Party the Democrats dismayed by this serious news concerning the Head of State, but also it is overwhelmed by the fact that it is with the Togolese taxpayer’s money that Faure GNASSINGBÉ prides itself on the luxury of spying on a population that is extremely hungry, and whose health is poor. Oh, the behavior of this tribune is now beyond comprehension and challenges the conscience of all Togolese to stand up and this time courageously say "No" to this suicidal megalomania. Yes, we want to curb the madness of grandeur that drives this man to show him that if he has always stolen the elections in Togo to stay in power for life, identity theft, which consists in totally stripping the Togolese of their private rights will no longer be allowed ”.

The Democrats do not understand how, "at a time when all the people are languishing under taxes, under the explosion of foodstuffs, under the sanitary helplessness by him created, Faure GNASSINGBÉ and his Government drive the point home by violating extremely their freedom of expression and existence ”, and ask themselves :“ What is this country through which all evil on the African continent must always happen ? ". They consider it unacceptable this time that Togo is "cited with Rwanda, after Morocco for the installation of the Pegasus phenomenon" and that "indeed, the Togolese head of state does not even manage to explain humanely on the media the reasons behind his act ”.

If Habia and his supporters say they condemn "with rigor the users of this software, those who buy their services and ask Amnesty International and human rights partners to use all their powers to remove Pegasus", they note that “In any case, the Togolese area is poorly indicated for the first world tests of this software. Why ? Togo is not yet a country with a healthy democracy : Faure GNASSINGBÉ is not the current President of Togo. He has lost since February 22, 2020 a bitter failure of the ballot boxes. The Pegasus expertise that rightly or wrongly targets peaceful and worthy citizens must therefore cease quickly. Because the phenomenon smacks of a high national wickedness coupled with a foreign flaw based on money which leads nowhere in the world ".

The party is sure of one thing, which is that "Democracy is a universal value that no man can give away all the time !" ".