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Gulf 2 launches the process of developing its "Bible"

Publié le samedi 29 mai 2021, par Gabinho

Hold on tight because this is not a Bible for religious evangelism, but a Bible for Communal Development. During a meeting marked by the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and the Prefecture of the Gulf, this Friday in Lomé, the Municipality of Gulf 2 led by Dr James Kokou Amaglo, launched the development process of its Communal Development Plan. An essential document to start the development of this second of the seven municipalities of the Gulf prefecture.

Referring to this plan, the development work of which is entrusted to a cabinet experienced in the field, the Mayor of the Municipality of Golfe 2, Dr Amaglo, indicated that “the municipal development plan is a reference document in which it is registers the ambition, the development strategies of the municipality. In this plan there are all aspects of development, sanitation, land use planning, living environment, culture, job creation ambitions, in short, it is the bible of the municipality over a period of 5 to 10, that is to say, all that we can express as ambition in harmony with the populations and of course in coherence with the PND (National Development Program) and the SDGs ”. He also supports the need to equip himself with this document by the assertion according to which, "who does not plan, plans his failure", the first person in charge of the Municipal Council of Gulf 2 reassured the ones and the others by declaring, "we we have the internal resources, the support of the sovereign state, the bankable activities, the decentralized cooperation. But we must rely on our internal capacity in terms of mobilizing human and financial resources. The human resources we have, the commitment of the population we have, and there are economic assets that must be developed ".

Already looking at what this document should be, the finalization of which is expected within six months, he informed that the questions of "public health and sanitation will be in the foreground, then will come the creation of jobs. , infrastructures, development of the living environment ”.

By a presentation of the Planning Director of the Municipality of Gulf 2, Thomas Mazama Adjana, who will be the central engine of the process, we can see that the work that will be done will be inspired by the National Guide of the PDC. In any case, the representative of the Minister of Territorial Administration, in turn insisted on this obvious fact to see this guide in question serve as a compass in the development and implementation of the Gulf 2 PDC.

Also, was presented during this meeting, the Steering Committee of the PDC Golfe 2, composed of people from various backgrounds of civil society, the Order of Architects, engineers, planning service of the maritime region, CDQ, traditional chiefdom ...

Optimistic that he is, on the document which will be drawn up, and also on the execution of its content, the Mayor Dr Amaglo launched to the assistance and therefore to the populations of his territorial jurisdiction, "we have everything now to succeed and to succeed you have to get involved ”.