Infos Togo Covid-19 : Vaccination and collective immunity

Gomado wants to be able to "count on the populations of the Gulf 1" !

Publié le mardi 14 septembre 2021, par Gabinho

The tone had been set by the Togolese government for several months already with the start of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19. And the executive stepped in again last week with measures to boost the country’s immunization rate.

In this new dynamic and to play its role of extension of the central power, the executive of the Town hall of the Municipality of Gulf 1 through the voice of its first manager, Joseph Koamy Gomado, is invited in this campaign and invites the populations to rally to the national cause, that of collective immunity against Covid-19. “Following the new measures taken by the government to fight against Covid-19, I would like to call on each of us to respect these measures. “As you all know, restriction never equates to elation. But if we want to regain all the freedom in our activities, we must strictly observe the measures decreed by the government, get vaccinated and educate those around us to do the same. Thus, we will be able to reverse the curve which is currently ascending, ”he admits. Before expressing this hope of being able to "count on the populations of the Gulf 1 !" ".

The populations of Bè Afédomé are therefore invited to rally to the cause by showing their full support and recognition in the local elected representatives that they themselves have chosen.