Infos Togo Policy / 52 proposals for resolutions of the CNAP and implementation

Faure and his Government congratulate themselves on this, Dr Gnagnon demands "safeguards" !

Publié le jeudi 29 juillet 2021, par Gabinho

Four of the 32 points of the report on the work of the Council of Ministers made public yesterday July 26, 2021 related to the work of the National Concertation of Political Actors (CNAP). Could one read, “21. The Council then listened to a communication relating to the report of the work of the national concertation between political actors (CNAP - from January 19 to July 13) ; presented by the Minister of State, Minister of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Territorial Development. 22. As a reminder, the CNAP was set up by the government on the high instructions of the President of the Republic in order to organize consultation between political actors. 23. Following the end of the work, the communication aimed to present the results obtained and the reform proposals to the Council of Ministers. 24. Welcoming the good holding of the discussions, the council congratulated the various actors and took note of the proposals ”.

These points which relate the position or feeling of the Togolese government and starting from the Head of State, Faure Gnassingbé who chaired the work, are not without the opinion of one of his young opponents declared in the presidential election of February 2020, but short -circuity in its tracks by a refusal of the CENI to register his candidacy, Dr Jean-Emmanuel Gnagnon.

The latter, Deputy Mayor in the Municipality of Lakes 3 Agbodrafo from the premises of June 30, 2019, and president of the Togo Restoration Movement, speaking at the microphone of our colleagues from Victoire Fm this Tuesday did not hide his support for the initiative discussion between political actors. "I would like to welcome the principle that the government can initiate a consultation framework to discuss with political actors, to come to an understanding, to understand each other, so that everyone can express these concerns. This is what we want. These executives should multiply. That such initiatives come from time to time, so that we can smooth things over ", he informed before continuing that in substance, to his knowledge," the points on which the discussions focused are important, electoral framework to be cleaned up, the CENI and its recomposition, the law on demonstrations, statute of opposition parties, appeasement measures ", subjects which according to him," are highly topical subjects to better clean up the political life ". "I confess that I am willing to believe that the discussions are conducted in the sense of sincerity," added the former FDR Communications Secretary, a party that also took part in the discussions.

It is one thing to draft resolutions to bring about reforms on these subjects mentioned above, but it is quite another to enforce these resolutions. "We have to have texts that we respect", something to which Dr Gnagnon is keen. "If we manage to have a clear political social contract and a sufficiently clear enough framework to which each actor adheres, and we have the guarantee of application and respect, this will not be a problem. In Togo Restauration, dialogue is sacred. We need safeguards (the instruments) so that the resolutions are applied and respected ", he wished, while awaiting a document on the final report of these discussions in which he was not a party.

We dare to hope that his voice will count and that he will be heard by the various actors and especially the government which will have to give the impetus.